nostalgic dosage



(detail of a mural I did in Makati City, Philippines)

Sparrow 002

This piece was done in a desolate area of the city that trees and shrubberies are just starting to reclaim. I was inspired by the persistence of nature especially the birds (a type of sparrow) that have started to thrive in the place. With the bird as the main subject I have come up with a piece which tries to show the entirety of its existence in a single glimpse. I have always been fascinated with the concept portraying time as a dimension in my art. Here, by juxtaposing geometric patterns with rendered figures I am able to achieve depth hence giving my work that extra dimensionality. I also incorporated some dried branches I found around the area to further extend this dimensionality.

Featured here:

revised mural
collaboration with Angge Lorente

" we are GlitchGlitch

this scene’s pedantic novelty act is coming to an end

the emperor has no clothes…or maybe he just has a terrible taste

27cm x 38cm
acrylic and graphite on canvas

styling helmets
park jocks


poster I just finished for Go Skate Day 2014

Keep it streets!

"Sparrow 002"

Parañaque City

some griptape art for a good friend

griptape is still my favorite surface to paint on

My collaborative mural with Angge Gubisch Lorente at as part of their “25 Strikingly Beautiful Murals From Google’s Street Art Project” article.