"nostalgic fragmentation"

"…lit one and calmly watch these creatures push themselves to new levels of retardation"

(detail of a gouache and graphite on paper piece)

"…dirty looks all around"

(detail of a gouache and graphite on paper piece)

this is ‘street’ 
(because this scene offers more comedy gold than art)

27cm x 38cm
gouache and graphite on paper

…because I find this culture of imbecilic complacency somehow fascinating

let your overpriced sneakers guide you
traverse the jungle of fools and get lucky

(detail of a quick piece on paper)

nostalgic dosage



(detail of a mural I did in Makati City, Philippines)

Sparrow 002

This piece was done in a desolate area of the city that trees and shrubberies are just starting to reclaim. I was inspired by the persistence of nature especially the birds (a type of sparrow) that have started to thrive in the place. With the bird as the main subject I have come up with a piece which tries to show the entirety of its existence in a single glimpse. I have always been fascinated with the concept portraying time as a dimension in my art. Here, by juxtaposing geometric patterns with rendered figures I am able to achieve depth hence giving my work that extra dimensionality. I also incorporated some dried branches I found around the area to further extend this dimensionality.

Featured here:

revised mural
collaboration with Angge Lorente

" we are GlitchGlitch